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No upfront design fees with affordable services plans, a website platform designed for contracting businesses in the real world.

Professional Website Designs

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What makes our website platform different?

Professional Websites Without the Expensive Design Fees

Professional websites don’t have to cost thousands of dollars, in fact they only cost $45/month for early access customers. Choose your favorite theme design, select your service plan, we build your website. It’s really that easy.  We set-up your hosting account, website, and even add all your content for the original website build.  All you have to do is tell us about your business.

We’ve replaced the expensive up-front design fees with affordable monthly services plans, so every general contracting company can have a professional website with a budget left to grow.

Does your general contracting business have the professional look it deserves? Our professionally designed UX (User Experience) themes are designed for general contractors and building contractors. UX Design is a design process where the sole objective is to design a layout that offers a logical user flow and provides a great experience to its users.

Your website will feature a clean and organized layout to help customers easily find the information they’re looking for, all while while making your business look along the way.

All of our websites include a free version of HubSpot CRM, the best customer management software for general contractors.

Your website contacts will automatically be saved, a timeline of your customer interactions is recorded, you can keep notes and information for different customers, and so much more.

Your free version of HubSpot CRM will be fully set-up and integrated with your new website, and in included in all of our service plans.

Rather than spending thousands for website design fees, invest your hard earned money into your business.

We’ve replace expensive design fees with affordable hosting and service plans. Let’s make sure general contracting business has a great looking website with money left to grow.

No Up-Front Design Fees & Affordable Service Plans

All plans include website theme, set-up, & hosting

Includes access to stock photos & templates

Includes all the website features you need

Features Included With All Website Plans

We’ve done all the hard work creating professional theme designs for contracting companies, all you have to do is take advantage of it. 

All of our websites include professionally designed UX themes for general contractors, templates, content sections, and access to stock photos industry stock photos.

All of our websites includes Elementor Pro, the best design software for the business owners who would like to update their own website content.

‘Elementor Pro’  is the professional version of Elementor design software. This incredibly powerful design software some of the best offered on the market. You’ll see a visual interface that looks just like your website, simply click in the different sections and add your new content. 

For businesses who would prefer to have someone else handle their content updates, we always offer monthly service packages and hourly design services to help you manage and update your website content.

Keep all your contact and customer information organized in your free version of HubSpot CRM software.

Customer Management Software (CRM) can help keep all customer information for your general contracting business organized and in one place.

Go beyond the standard Shared Hosting Plans that come with most websites. Our premium VPS hosting provides your general contracting business with better, faster, and more secure hosting for your website.  Premium VPS hosting is included with all of our website service plans.

Professional UX Theme

Pro Design Software

HubSpot CRM

What's the process to start your new website?

1. Choose Your Theme Design

We offer several different theme design options for our general contracting websites. Take a look at our demo site for the different theme styles available.

2. Select Your Service Plan

Service plans designed for businesses in the real world. Affordable website hosting and service plans designed for general contractors & builders.

3. We Build Your Website

We set-up your favorite theme, add your content to the website, then customize with your logo and brand colors. It’s really that easy!

4. Customize Pages or Content Sections (Additional Fee)

Businesses should have flexibility, but shouldn’t have to pay for more than what they need. This is why we built our websites to be completely customizable. Most websites don’t need to be customized because our theme already comes with so many design options. But if your company needs a specific type of style or content section, we offer custom web design services for an additional fee. Learn about our web design services for help with general content updates or custom web design projects.